Management is an old as civilization. Although modern organizations are of recent origin, organized activity has existed since the time of the ancient civilizations. In fact, organizations could also be considered the distinguishing feature that separated civilized society from uncivilized ones. The earliest management practices were a set of rules and regulations that grew out of the experiences of government and commercials activities. The development of trade and commerce gradually led to the event of management principles and practices. The term ‘management’ today has several different connotations that highlight the various aspects of its nature. The study of management has evolved over a period of time along with modern organizations, based both on the experience and practices of managers and a set of theoretical relationships. Over a period of your time, it’s grown into a dynamic subject with its own special characteristics. However, one question that must be addressed concerning the character of management is whether or not it’s a science or an art or both? In order to answer this allows us to examine the features of both science and art to ascertain how far management fulfills them.

Management is an Art:

What is art? Art is that the skillful and private application of existing knowledge to realize desired results. It is often acquired through study, observation, and knowledge. Since art cares with the private application of data some quite ingenuity and creativity is required to practice the essential principles learned. The essential features of art are as follows:

Existence of theoretical knowledge: An art pre-supposes the existence of certain theoretical knowledge. Experts in their respective areas have derived certain basic principles that are applicable to a specific sort of art. We will talk as an example of literature on dancing, speaking, acting, or music is widely known.

Personalized application: The utilization of this basic knowledge varies from individuals to individual. Art therefore may be a very personalized concept. Now, explain with example two dancers, two speakers, two actors or two writers will always differ in demonstrating their art.

It is based on practice and creativity: All art is practical. It involves the creative practice of existing theoretical knowledge. We all know that music is predicated on seven basic notes. However, what makes the composition of a musician unique or different is his use of those notes during a creative manner that’s entirely his own interpretation.

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